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Episode 14 - Ep. 7.1 Uncle Kraken

July 17th, 2017

The fellas are back to talk about the Season 7 Premiere, DRAGONSTONE, or as we think they should have called it, Uncle Kraken. We talk MVP, Box Score, and other things like that. We also bring in two new segments -- "Royal Gift Guide" (What gift can you give a queen that already has it all?) and "On the Nose Cameos" in light of Ed what's his name's appearance. We have a few cameos that we want to see before this thing is said and done. We also hit some #WILDFIREHOTTAKES and #ITISKNOWNPREDICTIONS in addition to a considerable amount of talk on renewable energy vs. mining in Westeros and which one is bringing more jobs to the country. After all, we're all here to MAKE WESTEROS GREAT AGAIN! 

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