Make Westeros Great Again: A Game of Thrones Podcast

The greatest Game of Thrones Podcast that ever was or will be. The podcast that will mount the world. We don’t need to build a wall. We already have one.

Episode 12 - Because It Feels Good

June 28th, 2016


The guys are back to talk about the Season Finale of HBO’s 6th Season of Game of Thrones, “The Winds of Winter.” They discuss the epic episode, and honor those that were lost with a discussion about their Hall of Fame chances. There’s also talk of Arya’s chances on Chopped, Varys’ front office management skills, The Seven Pointed Star musical, and the importance of turning off your propane tanks on your grills this summer. There is also a discussion of other types of ravens that could be used to signify important events, and the Old Town Library’s Dewey Decimal System. Not to mention some gambling talk, #WildFireHotTakes, #ItIsKnownPredictions and some new names added to the Book of Brothers. Grab a glass of wine (because it feels good), and join us to  help Make Westeros Great Again!


Episode 11 - Marry, Flay, Kill

June 21st, 2016


The guys get together to rap about the “Battle of the Bastards” – Episode 9 of HBO’s Game of Thrones. They talk battle plans, comparing Ramsay ‘s game planning skills to Bill Belichick and Jon Snow to a few less than admirable figures. There’s also discussion about Sansa’s motivations, Jon’s Wyatt Earp moment, the effectiveness of parleys in other contexts, and the importance of keeping your dog well fed. They also play America’s favorite family game, “Marry, Flay, Kill” in honor of fallen Ramsay. Grab a jug of sour goat’s milk or your favorite grape water, and join us in our efforts to Make Westeros Great Again!  


Episode 10 - Trial by Mario Kart

June 14th, 2016

Kevin and Andrew return to talk HBO's Game of Thrones, Season 6, Episode 8 ("No One"). There is talk of Arya's decision not quite living up to LeBron's decision, Trial by Combat replacement ideas, Dany's struggling babysitter, Tyrion's vineyard, and much more. Plus, the fellas as joined by the one and only "Jimmy the Braavosi" to talk Westgate Westeros' new parlay card. There's also #gogopowerrankers of all the Episode 9s in Game of Thrones, new #WildFireHotTakes, new #BookOfBros and some #ItIsKnown predictions. Come on in, grab a cask of "Imp's Delight" and join us to help Make Westeros Great Again!


Episode 9 - Starks Recruiting Like Calipari

June 8th, 2016

The fellas are back to talk HBO's Game of Thrones Episode 6.7 ("The Broken Man"). There is considerable talk about the Stark's recruiting efforts, with suggestions from college sports on how they can recruit dirty. Additional talk about Rev. Al Swearengen's badassery, Lyanna Mormont's badassery, and the Hound's return. Additional words on episode's MVP, Season's Comeback Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, "It is Known" Predictions, and some #WildFireHotTakes. Two more are also added to the #BookofBros. 

Come on in, grab some Dornish wine, and enjoy yourself a little Make Westeros Great Again podcast.