Make Westeros Great Again: A Game of Thrones Podcast

The greatest Game of Thrones Podcast that ever was or will be. The podcast that will mount the world. We don’t need to build a wall. We already have one.

Ass-u-me the worst

August 28th, 2017

Andrew and Kevin just watched episode 7 of season 7 "The Dragon and the Wolf." Kevin ranks the most likely candidates to enter the hall of fame this season. Tyene Sand has a shot. The guys also talk about Cersei and Jaime's break-up playlist. Spoiler alert: it includes a lot of Dashboard Confessional. We also pour one out for the homie Little Finger and light a candle for Tormund. We pray he will be found in the wreckage. The lone wolf dies, but the podcast survives.


Puff goes the magic dragon

August 21st, 2017

Andrew and Kevin have thoughts on Season 7, Episode 6 "Beyond the Wall." The guys finally come around on Jorah. He isn't just for the ladies anymore. Jorah can ball. The guys also talk about the Stark Civil War. No one can sit this fight out. Choose a side. Andrew and Kevin also discuss a more sensible way to decide the fate of the universe: a Space Jam-styled basketball game between the living and the dead. This may not be the bravest podcast around, just the drunkest.


Eastwatch All-Star Team Edition

August 14th, 2017

The guys are back to talk Season 7 Episode 5 EASTWATCH. There is the normal MVP, Hall of Fame, and Comeback Player of the Year Discussion, and then things turn a bit existential as we question our longstanding Westerosi beliefs now that we know Jon is indeed a true born. We also give the Eastwatch All-Star Squad a few pointers as they head out beyond the wall -- with Ocean's 11 and NFL Quarterbacks as our guide. Come on in, grab a cup of ale from the ping pong table, and let's all Make Westeros Great Again!


Westerosi Fire Festival

August 7th, 2017

The guys just watched Episode 4 of Season 7, “Spoils of War” and are ready to talk about dragon battles. They discuss the need for regulation of the Westerosi financial system, the Stark children as college archetypes, how Brienne is overrated, how Jaime is dead, and close out with some dagger talk.